Social communication is the basis for how we use language and interact with different people we meet. This involves much more than saying "hello" and requesting for things that we want. Social communication allows your child to participate and develop meaningful relationships with you, their peers, teachers, and everyone around them!


Social communication has many rules we have to keep in mind. We have to make sure we take turns when we talk, stay on topic, say something in a different way when someone did not understand you, and use facial expressions and body language (to name just a few!).  Often times, these rules differ by cultures and age groups. 






Social skills are often addressed in 1:1 sessions with your child's therapist. However, practicing these skills with appropriate peers helps your child to generalize these skills beyond the therapy room. Skills are often first taught in individual sessions to assist with an understanding of key vocabulary before a peer is introduced. Some children may require more time in individual sessions to understand these skills before you and your child's therapist agree that the time is right to introduce a peer!  


At My Turn, peer sessions are designed to:

  • practice working together with a peer to complete activities 

  • develop an understanding of social rules and expectations

  • assist with self-regulating by identifying emotions, feelings, and then making a plan

  • identify and interpret nonverbal language

  • problem solve, negotiate, and turn-take 


Our therapist targets social skills through conversations, play, games, arts and crafts, movement activities, and daily situations that arise. Curriculum such as Social Thinking and The Zones of Regulation are frequently incorporated into both individual and peer sessions. 


Please talk to our therapist if you are interested in your child participating in peer sessions. We will work with you to develop a plan that is best for your child at his/her current level. 

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